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You live in France and you don’t know how to choose a Moving Company ? How much will it cost ? How long will it take ? 

Here, at , we give you a varie­ty of dif­ferent movers in your local area to choose from, to help you move your belon­gings from one place to ano­ther. Did you know that only 30% of moves in France are being conduc­ted by pro­fes­sio­nals ? With only a few clicks we can give you the las­test prices for your move. A com­pa­ri­son of the offers from our pro­fes­sio­nal movers, and you can reserve your mover at a gua­ran­teed price.

Simplicity and ease 

Here at ‘Démé­na­ger Facile’, we strive to make the pro­cess of moving conve­nient for you as cus­to­mers, The­re­fore you can obtain prices in just a few easy steps :

1. Explain your move : Tell us the addresses of where you are moving to and from, as well as the other rele­vant information

2. Our algo­rithm auto­ma­ti­cal­ly : cal­cu­lates the prices char­ged by each mover in stan­dard tariff. The prices are flexible accor­ding to the movers’ calen­dar and their local availability

3. You could even orga­nise a co-move : in order for you to share the cost of transport


Our web­site is easy to use as we clear­ly dis­play prices that are always up to date. Moreo­ver, our online and offline sup­port makes the pro­cess of boo­king a mover through us conve­nient, and by boo­king a mover with us online. You can do this at your dis­po­sal, in your awn time.

Convenience and Expertise 

The pro­cess of moving house can be dif­fi­cult for anyone, but our team of experts in moving, are always avai­lable to advise you, no mat­ter the que­ry, and can give you a moving quote qui­ck­ly and eas­ly. You can phone us between :

9h00 – 20h00 – Mon­day to Friday 

9h00 – 18h30 – Saturday 

10h00 – 15h00 – Sunday 

Our Phone Num­ber : +33 1 84 17 77 16

How can we estimate your cost ? 

A simple video call with one of our tech­ni­cal advi­sors, through Skype, Google, Han­gout, or Viber, allows us to esti­mate with you the volume and spe­ci­fic mea­su­re­ments of your belon­gings. This pro­ce­dure is adap­table to suit any type move, no mat­ter how complicated.

What we offer 

We can insure you that the pay­ments are all secure, and our movers all are cer­ti­fied and are selec­ted pro­fes­sio­nals to aid you with your move. With us we can gua­ran­tee that you will save time with your move, and you can modi­fy your move to suit your bud­get, saving you money.

Long distance moves 

We are able to cater for all moves across the coun­try, and for UK-Fran­ce/ France-UK, and to help with long dis­tance moves, we have  » group moves » (in France only). This is when you trans­port your fur­ni­ture along with the fur­ni­ture of others who share the same route. The­re­fore you can share the cost of the trans­port ans tolls. This allows for the total cost of your move to decrease, and is bet­ter for the environment.


Démé­na­ger Facile is the only com­pa­ny for you to use to choose yout mover, in order for you to move your belon­gings easi­ly and conve­nient­ly. Our experts’ advice will help you along the way, in order for you to ensure that you have a smooth and simple transition.

🚚 Do not hesi­tate to call a pro­fes­sio­nal for your move

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